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I hope you are as excited to watch this launch as I am, be it from Florida, the TV, or where I watched several: from my computer screen watching a NASA live link. And hopefully, I’ll be able to post some pictures, stories, and video that make anyone who can’t make the trip feel like you’re there.

If you are even halfway thinking about coming, I encourage you to do it. Yes, the crowds will be big but so what? There are still some on-site tickets for sale on the secondary market, but there are also plenty of good spots available for free. My family is going down and will either go to Titusville or watch it from the beach in Daytona.

Space View Park in Titusville is a great view, only about 13 miles directly across the water from the launch area. You can see the VAB and launch pads. It will be crowded but that could also be part of the fun. There will be vendors selling food, drinks, and lots of space souvenirs. There are also plenty of other good spots in Titusville.

I’ll do an entire post about where and how to view the launch later tonight. But for now, if you’re interested, some fast facts about this shuttle mission STS-135, a brief history of the shuttle program (the cliff notes if you will),  a little about the Vehicle Assembly Building (a truly amazing construction), some shuttle pictures, and fast facts about the shuttle.

Plus two lists  you will need: a mission day-by-day checklist, and the guide to the final countdown starting July 5th.

And for fun, shuttle mission patches, space shuttle on stamps, and the 12 men who walked on the moon.


About rennawarren

I've won a spot for the STS-135 NASA Tweetup. I'm going to try to document the experience.
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