6 Days Until Launch

Five days until the Tweetup’s first day, 4 days until we get to Florida. This week somewhat reminds me of New Year’s Eve the year that Virginia Tech played Texas in the Sugar Bowl. I was so busy with the Sugar Bowl that the new year was almost overlooked, as an afterthought. I’d hate for Independence Day to be like that. So all plans are on hold for the trip so we can focus on spending too much money on blowing things up, and celebrating our freedoms. Mainly our freedom to blow up things.

My NASA Tweetup t-shirt arrived in the mail, with my Twitter name on the front and everyone’s name on the back. I also went shopping hoping, against all reason, to find a nice 1960s looking sun dress, with a boat neck and full skirt that I could wear a petticoat under. But surprisingly, all the dresses offered looked like they were from around 2011. Go figure.

In the meantime, an amazing opportunity for space fans is coming up November 4-6 at the Kennedy Space Center. The 2011 Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show Weekend. Tickets range from $20 for the autograph session to $1200 for the full enchilada weekend with admission to special tours, speakers, dinners, and photo ops with astronauts.  Check out the list of astronauts and prepare to have your gob smacked.


About rennawarren

I've won a spot for the STS-135 NASA Tweetup. I'm going to try to document the experience.
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